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Meet the Author

My Beautiful Readers...

My name is Jaymie and I live in the beautiful state of Utah, although I was born and raised in the deserts of Arizona.

Some fun things about me: I love being outdoors, hiking, hunting, fishing, camping and just enjoying what the good Lord made.

I am an introvert at heart and enjoy reading a good book. I have a passion for the fantasy world of JRR Tolkien and revisit his creations on a regular basis. Fun fact: Tolkien was a Roman Catholic and had a deep passion for the Lord which passed over into his literature :) 

I also have a deep love for the Lord and His teachings. It is at the front and center of my life and I will continue to spread His word as long as I live. 

I am a mother of 2 beautiful children, whom which inspire me everyday to be a better person, mother & author. My hope is that one day they will love the Lord and spread His word just as much as I do. 

Come along with me on this crazy adventure we call life...

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