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Good day my beautiful, happy, healthy, people! I hope all is well in your family & community. Things are pretty much the same here, everyone is masked up, doing their part to protect those around us. We are staying indoors as much as possible, only coming out for necessities and walks around the neighborhood. I have had some pretty eventful happenings since the last time I wrote to you all. My beloved uncle passed of MDS leukemia, he fought so hard for two years, but our Father called him home. Things just aren’t the same without him, it doesn’t even feel real. I know that time and God heals all. I apologize it has been so long but I just haven’t had it in me to write. Even this post is very short and I just can’t find the words....

Another bit of news, my husband and I are expecting, I am 8 weeks along. Things have been symptoms have been very severe, I cannot keep any food down no matter what it is. I honestly couldn’t be happier though! To know that the Lord has blessed me with a new growing life. I just pray that everything goes as it is supposed to and the baby is happy and healthy. My due date is March 9th, 2021. My husbands birthday is March 10th! We just feel so blessed. One life ends and another begins. I believe it was my uncle who helped us to conceive, when he left us he put in a good word with the Lord and we were blessed. All I know is it is a miracle.

In our fifth wheel-camper living we have moved on to a small town in Nevada. It is a farming community so there are cows, alpacas, wild horses, and big horn sheep everywhere. We drove to Lake Tahoe this last weekend and it was beautiful! The most beautiful lake I have ever seen. Unfortunately we could not find a spot to park because there were so many people. The california side was closed so everyone was piled onto the Nevada side and it made it kind of impossible to even drive through. We are going to go back during the week though. I have never seen water so clear and blue in a lake before. Arizona does NOT have beautiful lakes at all. They are green, stink, are trashed, nasty, and overpopulated. I can’t wait to get out and explore here! The weather sure is beautiful, mid 90’s during the day and mid 60’s at night. Way better than the 112 to 117 days in Arizona.

Well y’all that’s all I really have for now! Life sure has changed so much since 2020 started. I just never imagined any of this.

I will send prayers for everyone!

Love you all, J

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