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August Final Prayer

August Final Prayer

Good afternoon my faithful readers. August has come to an end, the eighth month of 2020 is over. September is upon us and depending upon where you are the mornings are becoming chilly. The feeling of fall is in the air and I couldn’t be more please about that. I am an avid fall lover. The cold crisp air, the smell of apple pie and pumpkin bread baking. Pumpkin spice in all the food and drinks, candy corn in all the stores, the orange and yellow leaves falling, red delicious juicy apples with caramel! Big comfy jackets with warm fuzzy socks! Yes please, I will take it all, right now! And it is coming.

As this month comes to an end let’s reflect on what we have talked about. Week 1 was about love and grace and the importance of finding, giving and receiving both love and grace. Finding love and grace for others ties into the following week of forgiveness and compassion. You cannot truly love without being forgiven or giving forgiveness. You cannot give forgiveness without having compassion. Thus finding the feeling of the true grace of that the lord has given us. Although we know we cannot earn the grace of our father, it is something he gives freely to us believers, it is something we must earn and give from others. As Christians it is an important foundation of faith. The following weeks lead into, fear, anxiety, hope and prayer. Which I believe tie into each other as well and serve each other’s negatives with positives. Fear feeds anxiety and prayers help with finding hope and eventually peace. All of our topics this month have tied into each other and have defined 2020 to a personal level. I pray that all of you have found some sense of stability and peace in our father during these hard times. I know so many who struggle with finding the love of the lord and their lives are just miserable, disheartening and sad. It breaks my heart to see them that way. I pray for them everyday that they will come to Him and find his peace, love, forgiveness, warmth and compassion. If you know someone like that, please do not forget about them in your prayers, keep trying, keep praying. Never give up on them. It may take 20 years, but what is 20 years compared to an eternity of damnation or love?? If you find yourself having doubts or struggling to keep your faith I pray for you my friend. You can send me a personal message and we can pray together. I am here for you, for whatever you need. Let’s us pray:

Father, I ask that you watch over all today who are struggling to keep faith, struggling to forgive someone or themselves, struggling with heartache, a hardened heat, anxiety, sorrow and grief. I pray that you show them, remind them, of your love, forgiveness, kind nature, compassion, warmth & integrity. I pray that they may find the path that leads back to you. I pray for those father who may still be struggling with the effects of COVID and the burdens it has placed on so many families. We know you provide all that we need father, we know you will not let us go without. We know the struggles we face here on earth are nothing compared to the riches and glory that await us in heaven. We know you will not abandon us nor forsake us.We glorify your name and lift you up on high father. Abba we seek you, we love you, we thank you. It is in your glorious name I pray. Amen.

I pray this coming month, September, is the start of renewed faith, continued faith, love, grace, peace and freedom. I hope all of you have a blessed day and a productive, fruitful week. May God continue to bless all of you. Until next time...

Love & Faith,

Mama J

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