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Christmas Snowball Recipe


Good morning y’all, I hope this quarantine hasn’t driven you crazy, and your kids haven’t depleted your fun meter and activity list! For us moms having to plan activities here is a fun, yummy and inexpensive activity to do with your kids. My mom use to make these Christmas morning, and it is a tradition I have passed down to my kids and I am sure they will pass it down to theirs. I know it isn’t Christmas but we could all use a little joy and festivities during these crazy times. It is so simple to do, and doesn’t take much time or supplies. Right now moms we could use some simple!! I hope your family enjoys this as much as mine has.


  • 1 can of your favorite dough mix

  • Full bag of Powdered sugar or cinnamon and sugar mix. You will want enough for each kid to participate.

  • 1 bottle of your preferred oil for frying


This is the fun part, have your kiddos help you!

1. Heat your oil in a medium pot or fryer to 350 degrees. Make sure not to go over 350 so you can have a crispy outside and fluffy inside.

2. Pinch off half dollar size amounts of dough and roll them into little donut holes. This is the fun part for kids. It’s sticky and messy.

3. Mom you have to do this part or supervise your kids. Place one or two dough balls in the oil at a time so it isn’t crowded and they stick together. My mom would usually let us do it with a serving spoon with holes and let us place them in there carefully.

4. Wait until it is golden brown. They will cook one side at a time so you will have to roll them over.

5. Once they are golden brown on both sides, take them out and place them on a paper towel to get off the excess oil and roll them in the powdered sugar or cinnamon and sugar, serve hot and with ice cold milk.

I guarantee this will be a memory and recipe that is passed on generation to generation. It is easy and inexpensive, now if you want to get fancy and make your own dough that is great! But with a busy household, numerous chores inside and out and planned activities, I don’t have time for that. Maybe one day! For now just enjoy this easy recipe and the time with your kids. Short and sweet! I hope everyone has a blessed day!

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