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Daniel Fast Completion...

We made it guys...the last day of our fast. I hope everyone learned a lot about themselves spiritually and was able to gain wisdom into areas of their lives where they needed it. I also hope you were able to slow down and listen to God. What he wants for you, what he wants from you; and any answers you may have been seeking.

Like I mentioned in my previous “Daniel Fast” post, this has been one of the most difficult fasts I have participated in. It has also been eye opening spiritually, physically and emotionally. Not in a bad way by any means. It was all necessary and in my opinion, what fasting does to you sometimes. I love the transformation period in fasting. Some days are easier than others but it is a necessity. Every day God came first, when I woke up and before I closed my eyes. He helped me get through every single process and emotion.

When God calls me to participate in another fast, I might post it, I might not. I’m usually very personal about my fasting. But this Daniel Fast I had to share as it is unique. In my fast I gave up sweets, bread & pasta, all of which are my weaknesses and my “go too’s” in stressful times, especially chili chocolate; oh man that stuff is amazing! Also, lent has started (well over 2 weeks ago) and I participate in that as well. I really pray that everyone had a fruitful fast. I know fasting is not easy, especially when hard times hit, we want to run to our comfort zones. But the discipline and steadfast are worth it in the end, that is how we grow in spiritual maturity. We get to experience God in a unique way, we hear him, we slow down, we listen, we wait. Remember to always:

Pray & Fast

Pray & Fast

Pray & Fast

“And He told them, “This kind can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting.””

‭‭Mark‬ ‭9:29‬

I hope everyone has a blessed evening & a fruitful weekend. Until next time y’all ♥️

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