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Daniel Fast...Day 1

Hello readers, today is day 1 of our Daniel Fast! I know I was suppose to start yesterday and I apologize for the late posting. My family and I just moved from Arizona to Texas, 2 days ago, a 700-mile journey! It has been a whirlwind of emotions, leaving my family, my friends, my church, everything. The Daniel Fast couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. The past few days to a week my spiritual life has felt empty. I haven’t felt the presence of God because I have been weighed down and preoccupied with the pressures of the move. I have been looking down instead of looking up, where I need to be!! My heart has felt empty, my prayers have seemed dulled. So, a fast is necessary right now, because, when we are empty inside, God is the only one that can fill us up! I pray that during this fast he fills us up spiritually mentally and physically. He will give us everything we need during this time of repentance & prayer. We will be physically hungry, yes, but when those times strike, we must turn to God and His word. And he will fill us with all that we need to endure. Ask God what he wants from you during this time, ask day by day.

This puts our hearts to the test!! Fasting is not easy, but if done correctly produces, spirit & endurance. We are not to live for ourselves and inward selfishness, we are to seek God in our times of weakness and repentance and thrive on His words! For Jesus said,

“Man is to not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes out of God's mouth.”

Matthew 4:4

The author encourages us to start with a "water only" fast so we can detox before we begin the “Daniel Fast”. We are to drink nothing but water for 3 to 7 days. It seems hard-core but it can be done and remember that this is optional. Personally, I want to start with the water fast to demonstrate a time of repentance and focus on God, I want to be filled up in Gods word alone, beforehand.

Fast & Prayer,

Fast & Prayer,

Fast & Prayer.

I will "water only" fast for 3 days as we are "Daniel Fasting" for 10 days. (rememberthis is optional)

The author encourages us to journal our time in the fast every day (or multiple times a day if needed). I will not share most of my journal entries as it is my personal relationship with God and there are some things I want to keep private. I will share with you my experience during the fast and my prayers. I absolutely love journaling! It is my personal quiet time with my Father, and I look forward to it every morning! So, are you ready? Are you ready to empty yourself of living on “bread alone” and be filled with the Holy Spirit and Gods word?! Let’s do this!!

Let’s pray together:

Father, we come to you humbly on our knees, seeking humility and strength as we empty our heart and soul of our selfish inward thinking ways. As we come to you with an empty heart & spirit, we pray You fill us up with your words of grace, love and forgiveness. Show us what you want from us during this fast Father. Show us how we are to please You and live only for You and Your word. Show us how we are to be filled with your everlasting life. It is in your name we pray Father, Amen.

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