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Daniel Fast Day 2...

Good evening my fellow readers,today is day 2 of our "Daniel Fast" and let me tell you it was a grueling day for me! So, as you know yesterday, today and tomorrow is a "water only" fast. It was a rough day, I woke up very weak and actually feeling sick like I had the flu, my body was all achy and I was sweating from head to toe, then freezing, then I was dizzy and almost fainted! Needless to say I felt awful, but I started to pray and drink water, pray and drink water. I repeated this for about an hour and a half and I just wasn't getting any better. I didn't understand why I was feeling so bad, and then I realized that I take medications, a few different ones for some health issues. And I attributed my symptoms to my medications. After doing some reading on my medications 2 of them are suppose to be taken with food otherwise a multitude of symptoms can occur. So my readers, I am sorry to say that I cannot continue the "water only" fast. It is 7:00 pm Texas time and I woke up at 6:00 am and I am still feeling terrible; weak, dizzy and shaky. I ate a bowl of Cheerios with oat milk and grapes around 3:00 pm and it did help me but not like it should have. I tried to eat dinner and threw that up! So that's a no for me on the water only fast! I have gone a couple days without eating before but I was 19, in the Army and full of coffee, ambition and endurance so I didn't care and it didn't affect me! Add 13 years to that, a kid and ailments and my body nor endurance is like it use to be! So I must tap out on the "water only" fast.


This is a little discouraging but things come up in life sometimes and it doesn't always go the way we want it to. I am not meant to water fast at this time in my life, but that is okay. There are a hundred different ways I can fast. I am going to continue the "Daniel Fast" as planned of course! I just am going to go right into it minus the water only part LOL...

So let's get into it shall we? In the "Daniel Fast" day 2 the author instructs us to-

"Fast like Daniel, not all food, but in keeping with spiritual hunger rather than physical hunger, we're only going to fast "choice foods" like Daniel did. It is about letting your hunger for God overwhelm your desire for the normal foods you eat.

We know from the bible that Daniel was offered all of the luxurious food and wine from the king's own table. But Daniel being committed to the Lord declined the food from the king's table and asked only to eat vegetables and water for 10 days. It is up to you if you want to eat vegetables only & water for 10 days as everyone is different and your spiritual and physical needs are different. I encourage you to give up what you love the most for the next 8 days as we continue this fast. It could be coffee, that morning jolt of caffeine. It could be sugar, cakes, candies, cookies, all of that good stuff. Maybe it is carbs, pasta & bread. I encourage you to give the thing you love the most up. You will see how much time you have to focus on God instead of the cravings. So let's do this guys, let's delve into this fast and let God speak to us. Continue to ask Him what He wants from you during this time, ask daily; repeatedly if needed.

Be still, Listen & Pray...

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