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Daniel Fast Day 3 & 4...

Good evening my readers, I hope today was a blessed day for you! It sure was for us here in Texas, but that is another post for another day! This evening we are focusing on our fast. I hope everyone is doing good and connecting with God on new levels. I certainly am, and he is refreshing my soul and renewing my prayer life. I pray he is doing the same for all of you.

Let’s focus on our fast:

So at this point in time in the “Daniel Fast”, Daniel is thrown in the lions den for praying 3x’s a day to God when it was strictly prohibited by the King. Daniels faith did not waiver in any way shape or form, he continued to pray 3x’s a day and fast.

Prayer and Fast

Prayer and Fast

Prayer and Fast

Have you ever experienced this situation Daniel is in? Persecution from other for yourself faith, whether it’s a co-worker, family member, or even another church member?? This is what happened to Daniel, he was persecuted for his faith and even made fun of. But he still didn’t waiver. We should take lesson of this. How often in our lives do we get discouraged because of what someone has said to us and we give up?? I know I have!! But through God, prayer and fasting we can change the way we think and the way we perceive others and handle situations. All of this is possible because of one person; our Father. We are his children and He loves us. We can handle anything through him, with him and in him. I pray that you are gaining new insights into yourself, your faith and our father during this fast. This is a time for reflection & prayer. We have 6 more days left of our fast, and I don’t know about you but I feel great. Lets keep going and hold strong. Pray & Fast.


Lets us Pray:

Father we thank you for this time of fasting and prayer. Through this fast I want glorify your name, renew my faith and strengthen our bond. Even though there is temptation all around me my longing for your word is stronger. Use me in this fast father, show me what you want from me. I am all in Father. In Jesus name, Amen.


I encourage you to reach out to a “hater” tomorrow and speak kindly to them. Kindness changes lives. Grab your Bible and look up how many times the the word kind is mentioned, It is inspiring and beautiful!!

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