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He Isn’t Here, He has Risen!

Hello my beautiful subscribers, I hope today is a day of rest and relaxation. As we are all stuck in quarantine together and lazily binge watching Netflix, let’s not forget this very important, impactful weekend that is Easter. It is not just a time to color eggs and give baskets of peeps and chocolate bunnies. This weekend is the most important weekend in all of history. It is the weekend our souls were saved from damnation. He brought us to our Father and made it possible for us to have a relationship with Him. These three days are so important, and a great time to teach the kiddos about the loving sacrifice our father committed. As we know, Jesus paid the ultimate price for our salvation. He was wrongfully judged, mocked, tortured, laughed at and beaten to a point that any human would gladly beg for death. His punishment does not end there. He was forced to carry an excruciatingly heavy cross, so heavy he could not do it on his own and had to have help. He had to drag this cross who knows how far to the place where he was crucified to the cross and hung for all to see, again being mocked for not “saving himself” and proving he was the messiah. Every breath he took was excruciating as the last as he began to suffocate from the weight and position of his arms. Medical experts have studied the crucifixion of Jesus and every single person is astounded at how long he lasted being beaten and bloodied to a pulp then being crucified and hung up. Our arms can’t stay above our heads like that for long, in order for our lungs to contract and retract we have to be able to move our shoulders up and down. If we were stuck in the position Jesus was on the cross, even not being beaten and bleeding out, we would eventually suffocate. Not only was he in agony from the beatings and being nailed to a cross through his hands and feet, he was suffocating. Every breath was agonizing pain. Through all of this he still loved us.

Forgive them Father, they do not know what they are doing (Luke 23:34)

is how he responded to all of it. As he took his last breath heaven opened up, the earth shook and the dead rose. Then they knew, he truly was the messiah. He was who he said he was. I can only imagine the terror, grief and shame every single one of them felt. After the crucifixion and burial of Jesus I can only guess that the apostles and his close followers wept dearly. Their mourning was not for long. For on the third day the tomb was empty and the covenant fulfilled.

I know you all know the history of it all but I just want to remind you what he went through for us. So during this time we are spending with our loved ones let’s not forget the importance of these three days. We would be damned if these three days didn’t happen. So while your kids enjoy the Easter holiday of coloring eggs and gorging on chocolate and peeps for breakfast let us remember, let us be grateful and let’s love our Father and say thank you!

He isn’t here, He has Risen! Matthew 28:6

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