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I just want to say, thank you Father...

Good Morning my readers, I hope your morning has started out wonderful & peaceful. I hope this morning goes smooth for you with no spilled milk, cheerios all over the floor and children gladiator arena in the living room (or car)! It is a beautiful peaceful morning here and is a foggy, humid morning in Texas. I took the dogs out for their usual potty break this morning and while the fog was thick I could still see the stars up above and it just filled me with awe, how God can create all of the heavens and earth and still make someone like me. I was filled with gratitude and thanksgiving. I’d like to start out with prayer this morning just giving thanks to our Father and to kickstart this beautiful day.


Let us pray together:

Father, we thank you for blessing us with one more day on this beautiful earth that you have created. We thank you for allowing us the privilege to be witness to the beauty that surrounds us. Thank you for making the stars above as a reminder of the power you are capable of. Thank you for taking the time to make me the wonderful, beautiful, loving, caring & compassionate person I am. Thank you for the multitude of blessings you have given me, thank you for the trials and tribulations I have walked through, with you by my side at all times. Father as we go about our day, let us not forget to thank you in everything we do. Even if the kids do make a mess this morning or I spill coffee on my shirt as I am running out the door. Let us thank you in these times and remember to slow down and point our eyes, hearts and minds above instead of on the present. Thank you for your loving grace & kindness.

It is in your name we pray Jesus, Amen.


I just love my morning time with God, don’t you? I am trying to make it a point to turn my morning “dog walk” into my morning “God talk”. I am not a very good sleeper; any little sound will wake me up and then I am up for hours on end regardless of what I do to fall back asleep. Sometimes my mornings can turn me grumpy quick, as I am focusing on the lack of sleep, my husband snoring or the train that goes by 3 times during the night and wee hours of the morning. This morning was slightly different. I woke up a little earlier than my usual time and immediately started praying. I didn’t have room or time for any other thoughts but to thank my Father for allowing me one more day! As I got up to start my morning routine, I realized I was still extremely nauseous from the night prior. I am not sure if it is the stress from the move or the fast but I have been very sick to my stomach for a few days now. Anyhow, even that didn’t bother me this morning, I got up so full of thanksgiving I couldn’t wait to talk to my Father. I took the dogs out for their walk and was just in awe of the sky and the beautiful morning. If anyone has ever been to Texas for a period, you know that it has a certain smell. I believe it is from the moisture in the air, every place has “a morning smell”. Arizona has a “morning smell” as well and I love it! But Texas is different, and when I walked outside and smelled the fresh morning air it took me back to 2006 when I was stationed at Fort Sam Houston, Texas in the Army. It reminded me of the long (long, long) morning runs we would go on, all singing cadence together, just living in the moment. I loved the smell back then and I still love it today. Isn’t it funny how a smell can take us to a certain moment in time and we can recall such memories? I love that God created that for us, a way to remember our lives. I am still filled with just awe this morning of his beautiful creations and powers. Even as I write this it brings tears to my eyes as I see all the beauty and blessings around me. Even though it has been such a tough time for us as a family. We donated 95% of our household belongings, moved from our home 700 miles away and left the only families we have, to live in a fifth wheel camper and travel for work. It is not ideal some would think with having kids, but it was not ideal for my husband and I to not be together for years on end. Marriage to us is not “on-again, off-again”, “I’ll see you next time”, it means more to us than that. So, after over a year of praying and waiting, praying and waiting, praying and waiting, God finally gave us an answer, so we went ahead with His plans. I am still adjusting to it all, on many levels. I can look around and the camper is disorganized to no end because of the moving boxes we do not have storage for, and we cannot unpack yet. Ask anyone and they will tell you disorganization drives me crazy, like OCD everything has a place, you better put that back where you got it crazy!! I am looking at it all and it doesn’t matter to me and honestly doesn’t really bother me. What I am focused on is my son, I am sitting here watching him sleep (with both dogs curled up right next to him). I am listening to him breath and giggling over the little noises he still makes in his sleep. I just feel so blessed to be a mama and a wife and caretaker. I am filled with love and gratitude todays guys!! It is just pouring out of me!! THANK YOU, FATHER, FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL DAY!!! I LOVE ALL OF YOUR CREATIONS AND BLESSINGS, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

I really hope that this day is filled with the same type of love and gratitude for you as it is for me. Even if your day starts out with you on the wrong side of the bed, it is always a choice to either choose to stay on the “wrong side” or to go to the “happy side” that everyone loves mama. Take a moment this morning to thank God for something in your life, whether it is your kids, your husband, your wife, your dogs, your cats, your goldfish. There is always something or someone to be thankful for, and we can always see God's beauty if we just slow down and take the time to look. I have found that that is half my problem in life, I need to just slow down. And it is important mamas, slow down, because they are only this age once and then it is gone. I just wanted to share my morning with you guys, I hope you all have a wonderful blessed day!

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