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I’m Back...

Hello everyone, sorry I have not posted in a while. Life has been a whirlwind with this coronavirus and so many life changes have happened. We are no longer in Texas (blessing in disguise), we are in Mayer AZ for a while. It looks like we will be staying in Northern AZ for a while. It is still nice and cool in the mornings and I love my morning walks with the dogs. Being here in AZ is a blessing as I am from here and my family is here too. Speaking of family, We will get to have our/my three step children and we couldn’t be more excited as we have not seen them in a long time and we have all missed them so much! I stocked up on kid approved food and goodies to last…maybe a week! The boys are getting older and eat us out of house and home. I am looking forward to some normalcy for a while and a change of pace. We have still not conceived yet and it is a waking nightmare for me every moment of everyday. As I see another pregnancy announcement post from a friend it cripples me to tears. So having my family all together will be a nice change of pace and heart. My son just started 5th grade (homeschooled remember) and it keeps my mind busy focusing on making lesson plans, spelling lists, cursive handwriting sheets (yes I am teaching him cursive), book reports, art projects and so much more. It helps keep my mind busy and off the empty womb syndrome. I still patiently (excruciatingly) wait for God. I hope everyone is doing well during this pandemic and hasn’t suffered to much emotionally, physically and financially. I am looking forward to businesses opening back up and work gets back to normal. Just wanted to check in you all and say Hi and let you know I am still here. Sending prayers, love and blessings to you all! I look forward to writing again…

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