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Join Me: New Bible Plan

Good evening my readers, I was wondering if y’all would like to partake in a bible study with me? I haven’t done a bible study plan in quite some time and I feel we can all use it! These times for everyone have held so many different emotions. So let’s get back to our good’ol Christian ways of loving ourselves and others, focusing on inner strength, exuding outward compassion and just being grateful. Let’s have a start date of the first Sunday in August. I would like to focus on a different theme each week. Themes that I know for myself can be troublesome or that I just plain lack at times. No one knows how August is going to go, and according to the media it isn’t going to be good; so let’s choose for ourselves how it is going to go. Here are the weekly themes:

Sunday August 2nd, Week 1: Love & Grace

Sunday August 9th, Week 2: Forgiveness & Compassion

Sunday August 16th, Week 3: Fear & Anxiety

Sunday August 23rd, Week 4: Hope & Prayer

Sunday August 30th, Final Prayer

I will post each Sunday about the weeks’ topic and the different bible verses that correlate with them, along with some personal notes. I am really looking forward to starting this with y’all! It will be a great way to start August. Let’s get refocused on our relationship with God!

Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning." Lamentations 3:23

Let’s do this y’all!

See you Sunday August 2nd!

Love, J

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