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Just sit. Just be.

Hey y’all, I hope everyone is doing well on this beautiful Wednesday. As I sit here in the early morning with coffee in hand feeling the cool breeze that smells of morning desert dew I am reminded of my blessings. My husband is off to work with lunch in hand ready for the day; my son sleeping quietly without a care; the dogs snuggled close sound asleep. I am reminded of the many blessings in life. With so much negativity going on in the world that surrounds us constantly it is important that we take time to see the good and beauty in the world. There is so much love, so much beauty and so many wonderful things in this life. Take time out of your day, or week, and just sit, just be; take time to ground yourself. Use your senses, what can you feel, what can you smell, what can you hear? Take deep breathes in and out and just sit. I can smell the sweet desert dew, I hear the morning doves as they call out to their loved one, I feel the cool breeze and the glow of the warm sun on my skin. It makes me feel present in the moment, it reminds me that I am here, aware, apart of it all; and it is beautiful.

Remembering the little things in life helps me to not overthink, stress, and over-plan; as I know we all do. We fall into the trap of worrying too much. Where is the country headed, how am I going to keep my family safe, what about emergencies, school ,work, finances, illnesses?? I can keep going but I know I don’t need to, you can fill in the blanks with your own worries. I know I fall into this trap so often as I am reminded of the catastrophes in the world. This morning was a good reminder to not worry, to ground myself here, in this moment. After all the good Lord tells us not to worry and to cast our anxieties and burdens on him. And that is exactly what I am doing, as I do it I feel a sense of relief, thanksgiving, lightheartedness, love and peace.

Take time today to ground yourself, to just sit, just be present. Breathe, meditate, pray, listen...and walk away feeling peace instead of worry, gratitude instead of ingratitude, love instead of detest, present instead of future.


Just sit

Just be


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