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SpaceX, Making History

Hey Y’all, I hope everyone is returning to their regularly scheduled routines as this pandemic (hopefully) comes to an end or at least slows down. Our lives here are starting to calm down and pick back up. My son was off for summer break during all of this as he is homeschooled anyway, and it has not really affected him. He just started 5th grade and so far, it is going extremely smooth and easy for us both. I look forward to teaching again, I do enjoy it very much. His favorite subject right now is social studies and history. And speaking of history; as some of you know (or not know) today marked a very important day in our nation’s history as SpaceX was set to launch its first manned space shuttle for the first time in 11 years. We took the day off computer work and watched the prelaunch interviews all day long. I felt it was important to have him watch this spectacular event. My son absolutely loved it and was glued to the T.V. in anticipation and excitement; to be honest so was I! The launch was all good to go until 17 minutes out when the weather would not permit the final go. The launch has been rescheduled to this Saturday 5.30.2020 @ 3:22 ET. We will wait (again) in anticipation and excitement. The particulars of this rocket just amaze us! It has been in production since 2002 and was founded by Elon Musk; who contributed over $100 million dollars just to get it started. Todays space shuttle looks so futuristic and modern, it is the coolest thing we have EVER seen! The older rockets do not even hold a candle to what this shuttle looks like and how it performs. SpaceX is the first in the world to make a self-landing, reusable rocket. Elon Musk is an absolute genius and I pray this space shuttle works the way we all anticipate it to. Either way it goes it will mark an important day in history. The Crew Dragon shuttle has made history and is bar far the coolest piece of technology we have. So cool in fact I had to get a Crew Dragon shirt for my son directly from SpaceX! I am sure he will wear it so much it will wear out and fall apart! I hope everyone gets the chance to watch the launch Saturday and I hope all goes well! I recommend recording the event and sharing this with your family and kids. We will be watching history in the making!! Team #SpaceX all the way! Just wanted to share this little bit of history with y’all!


#SpaceX #CrewDragon #Rippley #LaunchAmerica

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