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Sunday Closing...

Good evening readers and happy Sunday. This weeks bible plan of love and grace is done. I hope you were able to spread it like wildfire! We can all use it. As the evening comes to a close, dinner is made, kids are bathed, lunches are prepared for tomorrow, let’s take time to thank our Heavenly Father for this blessed week.

Heavenly Father, I thank you for gifting me another beautiful week here on this earth, I thank you for my family, my health, and my relationship with you. Thank you for being so kind, loving and graceful to me, even when I know I do not deserve it at times. Thank you for never abandoning me to my times of weakness and lack of faith. Thank you for filling my heart with repentance, joy, love, grace and humility. I pray for all of those around the world that are still affected by this virus. I pray for those affected by the explosion in Beirut. I pray for everyone around me father, may they come to know your love and grace and understand that you are for them and not against them. It is in your name we pray Father. Amen.

Let’s close this week off right, full of love and grace to give! May you all have a blessed Sunday evening and an even better Monday! This comings weeks topic is Forgiveness & Compassion. Another concept of which we can all use a little more of and give a little more of. Till then...


Mana J

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