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The Daniel Fast...

Good evening my readers, I am so excited to write about this!! Normally I do not talk about my fasting as I feel it is very private, just between God and I. But this one I wanted to share with you guys. While I was partaking in my fast devotional the author had mentioned a book, “Fast like Daniel” by Scott Williams. I really felt God calling out to me to get this book. So of course, AMAZON here I come!! I purchased the book for $16.47 and it was delivered within two days (I love amazon). I read through the first 21 pages as it was an introduction to the book and, “what to do before you fast.” Let me tell you, I have never been so excited to partake in a fast as I am with this one.

I am not a fan of fasting, as it takes a lot of self-control and discipline. But what I do love is what I get out of it, quality time with my Father. Along with strength, endurance and biblical wisdom. I enjoy spending time with my Father and feeling the “fasting deprivation” just melt away as I study His word.

I am not going to start this fast until March 1st, 2020 at 8am. So, anyone that would like to walk through this fast and this book with me, I would love for you to! The book gives you two choices on fasting lengths; 10 days (like Daniel) or 21 days. I am going to start out with the 10 days and then when God calls me to a fast again, I will partake in the 21 day fast.

Come join me on this journey as we fast like Daniel and grow closer to God…


"Fasting Without Prayer is Simply a Diet" - Unknown


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