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Unpopular Opinion: if you don’t want God involved, don’t ask my opinion.

I heard this saying today and I though to myself, “how true is that?!” If you dont want an answer that has God in it, then respectfully do not ask my opinion. God is at the center of everything I do in my life. While I go through weak times of doubt and unbelief; believing what the enemy whispers in my ear, I always come back to the strength, wisdom, love, peace & grace of the Lord. That is just a part of being saved. The enemy will try and dissuade us at every turn. So, if you ask me for my opinion on a subject matter and I passionately start spewing words of the gospel, please do not become angry. It is not that I am trying to shove Christianity down your throat,in my mind I am thinking if you only knew, if you only knew the love, redemption & peace that is God….man….if you only knew. Your world wouldn’t seem so dim, meaningless, depressive and wasteful. And the answer or advice you were seeking in man would be easier to find in Him; if you only knew. So I do not apologize for loving the Lord and wanting to spread His message.

The unpopular opinion of not wanting God involved goes against what Christians stand for. We are called to spread the good news, called to serve Him and tell others of his redeeming grace. And why would we not want to to begin with? Most Christians I have met are so imperfect that it is beautiful. The redeeming stories and life saving testimonies I have heard would make anyone curious as to just who this life saving God is! Who is this God that can take such sinners and transform their lives into grace filled, evangelical miracles?? He is grace, he is love, he is peace, he is sovereignty. Even now I can think of many people who would (and have) become angry at me for involving God in what i say to them. Most see God as a, “kid with a magnifying glass picking off ants on an ant hill one by one.” It couldn’t be further from the truth, If they only knew. God isn’t an omnipresent malicious child who chooses the most humble & happy of people to chose to suffer. We did that to ourselves in the garden when we deceived God. And while it isn’t fair, it is just what we face. We aren’t meant to understand the why’s. I don’t know about you but i certainly would not want that responsibility; of knowing.

I encourage those who have had the same experience as me (and so many others when rejected) to keep pushing forward, keep His words on the tip of your tongue; ready to strike up your evangelical powers at any moment. For we are called to do so; the Lord said, “ therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Matthew 28:19

POPULAR OPINION: God will be at the foremost part of my heart & tongue.

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